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Sep 2021

Nunavik in Figures 2020

The Nunavik in Figures 2020 is now available. This edition is an improved and expanded update of Nunavik in Figures 2015. The purpose of this publication is to disseminate as easily and broadly as possible key statistical data on the northernmost region of Québec, such as population, employment, education, income, prices, dwellings, and health. This new edition also contains a section dedicated to some highlights for each of the Nunavik villages. The data appearing in Nunavik in Figures 2020 is the most up-to-date available at the time of publication.  It is published in an English-Inuktitut version and an French-Inuktitut version.

May 2021

Crime Data 2020

Crime data in Nunavik for the year 2020 is now available. It covers different aspects of criminality including crimes against the person, crimes against property, arrests and detentions, seizures and contreband, breach of conditions, etc. Police interventions by category and by village is also available. The data can be found in the statistics section under the Public Security/Criminality.  The annual update of this data is possible thanks to the collaboration of Kativik Regional Police Force (KRPF).

Feb 2021

Nunivaat Analytics. COVID-19 - Price Trends In Nunavik During The Public Health Crisis In The Spring Of 2020

The Nunivaat Analytics is a series of analytical bulletins that explores, with the help of statistics, different aspects of the social and economic situation of the Nunavik region. Entitled "COVID-19 – Price trends in Nunavik during the public health crisis in the spring of 2020", the most recent Nunivaat Analytics bulletin shows the price movements in the months prior to and following the declaration of the health emergency. This bulletin is available in the Publications section and in the Nunivaat Research Program section.

Dec 2020

QANUILIRPITAA? 2017 Nunavik Inuit Health Survey

QANUILIRPITAA? 2017 is a survey on the health of the Inuit of Nunavik resulting from an important partnership between regional organizations, in particular the Regional Board of Health and Social Services of Nunavik (NRBHSS), the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec as well as Laval, McGill and Trent universities. The survey was conducted in Nunavik from August to October 2017. A first wave of 9 reports out of a total of 19 are disclosed so far. They focus on the social and cultural characteristics of the inuit population, their mental and physical health, as well as their living and environmental conditions. Each topic has a full report (in English), a summary and a fact sheets (in French), available in the Publications section.

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The Nunivaat Research Program is devoted to the development of knowledge through statistical tools and researches, in order to support public decision in Nunavik. It includes the design and the execution of special statistical surveys, and the preparation of statistical reports.
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