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Jun 2022

2021 Crime Data

The 2021 crime data for Nunavik is now available. These data, provided by the Kativik Regional Police Force (KRPF), include crimes against the person, weapon crimes, property crimes, arrests and detentions, criminal code offences, warrants, motor vehicle accidents, assistance files, seizures, contraband, breach of conditions, drug possession and other criminal incidents. A table summarizing police interventions by category and by village is also available. This data can be viewed in the Statistics section under the Security/Crime indicator.

May 2022

Nunivaat Analytics. Nunavik Employment Profile and Trends at a Glance

The Nunivaat Analytics is a series of analytical bulletins that explores, with the help of statistics, different aspects of the social and economic situation of the Nunavik region. Entitled "Nunavik Employment Profile and Trends at a Glance", the most recent Nunivaat Analytics bulletin seeks to highlight the distinctive employment characteristics of Nunavik by comparing its situation with that of Quebec as a whole, and to describe the main contrasts between the two in terms of the gender, age and identity of Nunavik’s labour force. This bulletin is available here.

Feb 2022

First data from the 2021 census

Statistics Canada has recently released the first data from the 2021 Census. For the moment, these are data on the total population in 2021, the change in population compared to the previous census and the number of dwellings per village. These data are available here.

Feb 2022

Population Decree 2022

The Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation du Québec (MAMH) recently released the 2022 Population Decree for the Northern villages. These data are the benchmark for the application of laws and regulations as well as for the management of government programs. They can be consulted here.

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