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Nov 2020

Nunivaat Analytics - The Elders of Nunavik - A Snapshot of the Socio-Economic Situation

The Nunivaat Analytics is a series of analytical bulletins that explores, with the help of statistics, different aspects of the social and economic situation of the Nunavik region. Written in an easy language and illustrated with graphs, the most recent Nunivaat Analytics bulletin is devoted to the principal demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the elders living in Nunavik compared, whenever possible, with the socio-economic and demographic characteristics observed in Quebec as a whole. This bulletin is available in the Publications section and in the Nunivaat Research Program section.

Sep 2020

Fire statistics update

The 2019 fire statistics in Nunavik are now available. The statistics provide information about the material losses due to fires in the villages and for the whole Nunavik, about the number of fire by village, by cause, by location and by origin. These data can be consulted in the statistics section under the indicator Security/Fires.

May 2020

Economic impacts of COVID-19

The Canada Research Chair on Comparative Aboriginal Condition has produced a preliminary portrait of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Canadian Arctic. The document can be viewed in the Publications section.

May 2020

Social housing needs reports

Two reports on social housing needs in Nunavik have been added to the publications section. These reports aims to identify and update the number of families and individuals living in all housing managed by the KMHB / OMHK in the 14 villages of Nunavik. The data collection took place in 2016-2017 for the 2018 report and in early 2019 for the other report. They are available in French and in English.

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The Nunivaat Research Program is devoted to the development of knowledge through statistical tools and researches, in order to support public decision in Nunavik. It includes the design and the execution of special statistical surveys, and the preparation of statistical reports.
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