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Jan 2022

Employment in Nunavik. Profile and Trends

Using the Canadian census as the main source of data, this new report, prepared under the Nunivaat Research Program, analyzes the employment situation in Nunavik, describes the main trends in employment over the last 20 years, and explores the relationship between employment levels and various factors that may help to account for  the differences observed among the different Inuit communities in Nunavik. It can be consulted here.

Nov 2021

Nunavik in Figures 2020 - Sources

This publication complements Nunavik in Figures 2020. It provides the sources used to generate each table of data. In order to improve readability, these sources were not included in Nunavik in Figures 2020. They are presented in this publication for reference purposes. The Nunavik in Figures 2020 - Sources is published in an English version and a French version. These publications are available online only.

Oct 2021

More reports from QANUILIRPITAA? 2017

New reports from QANUILIRPITAA? 2017, the Nunavik Inuit Health Survey, have been added to the Publications section of Nunivaat. They focus on the social and cultural characteristics of the inuit population, their mental and physical health, as well as their living and environmental conditions. This survey is the result of an important partnership between regional organizations, in particular the Regional Board of Health and Social Services of Nunavik (NRBHSS), the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec as well as Laval, McGill and Trent universities. The data tables included in these reports will soon be available in the Statisitics section as well.

Oct 2021

Public finances 2018-2019-2020

The Kativik Regional Government's annual financial reports for 2018, 2019 and 2020 are now available in the "Publications" section. The detailed tables contained in these reports as well as their related notes have also been added in the "Statistics" section. They can be consulted either under the "Public Finance" indicator or by selecting "Kativik Regional Government" in the "Sources" filter.

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