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Jan 2024

Population Decree 2024

The Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation du Québec (MAMH) released the 2024 Population Decree for the Northern villages. These data are the reference for the application of laws and regulations as well as for the management of government programs. They can be consulted here.

Jan 2024

Nunavik Population Profiles 2021

After the villages population profiles, the Nunavik population profiles are now available on our site. The data they contain are taken from the 2021 Census. They are grouped by theme: labor market, housing, education, income, population by age and sex, etc. These profiles can be viewed in the Data section by selecting Nunavik in the Geography menu and 2021 in the years menu.

Jan 2024

NEW: Children's data

We are please to annouce that we have added data on children in Nunivaat. Using the Aboriginal Population Profiles from the 2016 and 2021 Censuses, we have created data tables according to different age groups and gender. These statistical portraits contain a wide variety of data, including family and household characteristics, language, education, poverty status and, for the oldest children, marital status, employment and income data. These new tables are available in the Data section under the indicator "Children".

Nov 2023

Elders Profiles

New elder profiles from the 2021 Census Aboriginal Population Profiles are now available in Nunivaat. They cover different age groups from 55 to 75+ and are broken down by gender. They contain a wide range of data, including education, income, families and households, employment, mobility, marital status and more. These data are available according to aboriginal and non-aboriginal identity. The profiles can be consulted in the Elders indicator.

Nunivaat Research Program
The Nunivaat Research Program is devoted to the development of knowledge through statistical tools and researches, in order to support public decision in Nunavik. It includes the design and the execution of special statistical surveys, and the preparation of statistical reports.
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