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Jun 2024

Crime data 2023

2023 Nunavik crime data is now available. It covers different aspects of criminality including crimes against the person, crimes against property, arrests and detentions, seizures, contraband, and police interventions by category and village. The data can be found in the data page under Public Security/Criminality.  The annual update of this data is possible thanks to the collaboration of the Nunavik Police Service (NPS).

Jun 2024

New Nunivaat Analytics

A new Nunivaat Analytics Bulletin has been added to the databank. Entitled "Housing needs in Nunavik: Portrait and Trends", the Bulletin presents a portrait of the housing needs and challenges in Nunavik, providing an up-to-date synthesis of the data and available knowledge on housing and living accommodations in the region. 

Mar 2024

Abandoned Mining Exploration sites

In the early 2000s, researchers at Laval University produced an exhaustive study aimed at drawing up an inventory of abandoned mining exploration sites in Nunavik, i.e. sites containing products that could represent a danger to the environment and human health, in order to lay the foundations for a priority clean-up operation. The inventory showed that there were some 595 abandoned sites at the time, 379 of which were known to the region's population. The research also revealed that two-thirds of all sites were located in the Labrador Trough. This research resulted in several documents. They can be consulted in the data section by selecting Mining Exploration Sites in the indicators drop-down menu.

Jan 2024

Population Decree 2024

The Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation du Québec (MAMH) released the 2024 Population Decree for the Northern villages. These data are the reference for the application of laws and regulations as well as for the management of government programs. They can be consulted here.

Nunivaat Research Program
The Nunivaat Research Program is devoted to the development of knowledge through statistical tools and researches, in order to support public decision in Nunavik. It includes the design and the execution of special statistical surveys, and the preparation of statistical reports.
About the program

Nunivaat is a major initiative of the Louis-Edmond-Hamelin Chair affiliated with the University of the Arctic. The core financial contribution to the Nunivaat databank and the Nunivaat Research Program comes from the Kativik Regional Government.