Table name: Prevalence And Determinants Of Hypertension In The Adult Inuit Population Of Nunavik (Northern Quebec, Canada)

Document type: Publication

Author(s): Allaire, Janie and al.
Table Id: 18277

Author(s) : Allaire, Janie and al.

Region(s) : Nunavik

Indicator(s) : Health

Year(s) : 2023

Quote : Allaire. J, B. Lévesque, P. Poirier, et al. Prevalence and determinants of hypertension in the adult Inuit population of Nunavik (Northern Quebec, Canada), Special issue on the QANUILIRPITAA? 2017 Nunavik Inuit Health Survey, Canadian Journal of Public Health,, 2023

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Published : 2024/01/29